Stopping Skimmers Protect Yourself at the ATM From FBI Website As Americans hit the road for summer vacation season, many will visit an ATM expecting quick and easy access to their cash. Yet that convenience makes ATMs an easy, year-round target for fraudsters looking to steal your money. Romanian citizen Ilie Sitariu, 37, and a… Read More

*FTC alleges defendants targeted consumers seeking to pay off student loans* The Federal Trade Commission charged the operators of a phony student loan debt relief and credit repair scheme [ ] with bilking millions of dollars from consumers by falsely promising to reduce or eliminate their student loan debt and offering them non-existent credit… Read More

Please check the Wanted by the FBI webpage for up-to-date information. After a teenage girl was reported missing in Virginia earlier this year, the FBI and police worked quickly to reunite her with her family and arrest the man who’d lured her away. Unfortunately, not all lost children are found quickly, and some never make… Read More