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We offer free data access to the planet and we use any extra resources to improve on service delivery.

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You can decide to reward our honest, ethical and decent work by making any financial contribution, joining as a member or by using any of our excellent paid services!

We offer FREE IP removal/addition, to qualifying resources (nobody can pay to be added or removed from our data) –  We deserve your support!

You can also join as a member. At us$48 per year, membership offers many direct and useful benefits:

  • Members can report abuse, spam, scams, malware or any other type of abuse  in the member interface and admins will investigate the complaint, offer support to the member and take action after consultation with the member, also see the Report Abuse post
  • Members have access to support for a limited number of resources, as defined and re-defined from time to time. This may sound like a small thing, but it is actually a big thing. Abuse management is a very advanced science and is in constant arms race with abusers. Support, understanding issues and being able to have access to support resources is a huge service.
  • Members may post multiple requests and other premium functionality
  • Members can also manage their own white list submissions, add, remove and edit


Other ASCAMS.COM Services and Products:

Higher RPS (Requests per second) on DNS requests from your email server IP numbers, so that requests do not timeout and your email que runs smooth and fast! Pricing starts from us$9 per month and is offered on a yearly basis.

Dedicated DNS access to RBL and DNSBL data lists including support to setup your scoring!

Audit your mail/web server IP numbers: Basic / Neighborhood / Advanced / Specific

Howto Setup My Own RBL / DNSBL

You can make use of a decentralised personalised RBL/DNSBL, (Your OWN RBL/DNSBL) which ascams.com sets up for you on yourrbl.example.com

Your new RBL could have a web based management interface with access from a fixed IP address, with 2F sign on.

The service is offered as a hourly/daily/weekly/monthly data updated service OR no data update service.

Users can ‘whitelist’ single IP numbers or ranges of IP numbers, including IPv6. RBL/DNSBL dedicated services start from as little as us$49 per month on a yearly contract. (pricing is dependent upon RPS client requirements)