Why am I listed?

First off, it is not YOU that is listed, we list IP numbers. (A single IP number may serve many domain names or one domain name and each domain name…

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What is RBL and DNSBL

Real Time Blackhole / Real Time Blacklist / Real Time Blocklist, all known as an "RBL" in the old days used to be a dynamic list of IP addresses where…

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If your resource is listed on block.ascams.com it means that your resource has a very high score and removal will be a lot of extra work (for YOU). It may…

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Please read this: Everyone Leaks. This means that at some point in time, everyone and all servers on the Internet: Do send out abuse. If your server or IP resource…

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dnsbl.ascams.com is a DROP list. You/Anyone can use dnsbl.ascams.com for DROP/BLOCK. Resources listed are currently Hacked/Malware/Abuse/Spam or is a non managed or an AS hijacked or dynamic IP range -…

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Ethical Email Marketing

A quick ethical guide and checklist to using email for marketing purposes Always make very sure that you have the exact, current and correct email address for all recipients of…

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