If your resource is listed on it means that your resource has a very high score and removal will be a lot of extra work (for YOU).

It may also mean that you need to make structural changes to the way you are doing things, but maybe not…?

For most entries on BLOCK SCORING LIST, Possibly your resources were used for relay of automated abuse, noreply@, BULK mailings lists, BULK SPAM (Unsolicited Emails), BULK scams, malware, phish, or other automated types of abuse…. – You, as the resource operator, or the previous resource operator, would probably have received abuse complaints and you probably either ignored the multiple complaints or disabled/deleted/ignored abuse complaints.

Removal from is probably very difficult as the resource is/was a source of regular or automated abuse and now has a very high score, but maybe not: Check your score?

To apply for removal: 1. Removal is FREE (cannot be paid for) 2. Reduce your IP resource score 3. Check your resource score here: and use the “remove” button when your score is withing the removal ranges.

Different corporations have different reasons for being listed on BLOCK SCORING LIST, For example: If you are Google, you will need to accept, manage and execute your AUP on emailed abuse complaints to (in line with RFC2142 and just be a better netizen, be more ethical and be not evil)  and you will need to do the other things you are not doing now (you already know what they are!) and you will need to stop doing the other things you are doing now  (you already know what they are!) – If you are, for example: Amazon, you need to first VERIFY submitted email data, BEFORE dumping a ton of SPAM on victims and stop providing services and resources to abusers as money is not the be all and end all of everything.

If you are the trillion dollar APPLE corporation, you have no problem as no Apple server is listed anywhere. Well done to the company, the staff, the admins and all @apple. Please continue and build on your good reputation! – But please do check your istores… in some regions, you do seem to have issues…