dnsbl.ascams.com is a DROP list. You/Anyone can use dnsbl.ascams.com for DROP/BLOCK.

Resources listed are currently Hacked/Malware/Abuse/Spam or is a non managed or an AS hijacked or dynamic IP range – all safe for DROP.

There are TWO main types of resources listed on dnsbl.ascams.com –

  • Permanent listing (trash)
  • Temporary listing (will auto remove once it stops hitting traps – PRO TIP :  if you are ever listed on dnsbl.ascams.com temporary, do not panic, it will remove by itself you need not do anything except make sure the leak has been plugged)

Removal from dnsbl.ascams.com is always FREE  if the resource qualifies, but dnsbl.ascams.com is much more challenging as each IP number has to be removed by hand.

If you are a member of Ascams.com, you can sign into the member system, here: https://info.ascams.com/login.php – and use the member system for requests and support


Here is the quick 1-2-3 checklist to apply by email (If you are not a member):

  1. Only the current PUBLIC listed whois abuse-c RR email address record may apply (If you are not the current abuse-c whois email address record, you are wasting your time)
  2. Only one IP number per 30 day period and no IP ranges at all. (If you choose to apply for a range,  you are wasting your time)
  3. Include the following information in your request to dnsbl@ascams.com : Subject : Removal and the single IP number Body: Include your complete contact information and explain the request. Examples may be: this was an unmanaged dyna,mic IP range used for adsl, etc.

Any removal request not complying with the above will simply be discarded and multiple requests will be considered abuse itself.