Spam, Spam Abuse, Bulk Email, Mailing lists and Types of email addresses

E-mail Address Types

  • Public email address - public email is and email address at a domain where any other people may also have an email addresses. Examples are:
  • Private email address - private email is an email address at an exclusive domain. Examples are:
  • Business email address - business email is and email address at a company or business domain. Examples are:

Spam Abuse Complaints - FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Is the content or body of an email and/or electronic communication relevant to whether it is spam? - No - Even a single unsolicited email is Spam
  • Who is the sender of the spam? - If it is you, you need to investigate if your spam is spam abuse. You must stop sending spam as further transmissions will be spam abuse
  • Is the spam a single email to verify a sender email address? - If yes, it is not spam abuse
  • Is the spam multiple or many emails and/or reminders to verify a sender email address? - If yes, it is spam abuse
  • Was the recipient email address of your spam verified? - Did you make sure that you have the correct email address? - If no, it is probably spam abuse

Definition of Spam

Spam is the sending or receiving of a single unsolicited email.

Definition of Spam Abuse

  • A Spam email is when you receive (or send) an unsolicited email.
  • Spam Abuse is the transmission of unsolicited electronic communication which would not reasonably be expected by the recipient. If the communication was requested, it is not spam. If the communication is solicited by the email address recipient or the email address recipient would probably and fairly expect such communication, a singular, non repeated email would probably not be considered spam abuse.
  • Example of Spam Abuse: Sending an unsolicited email to the whois registered domain registrant email address of a domain, offering your search engine listing services. Domain registrants would generally not expect this type of communication and therefore it is considered spam abuse.
  • The sending of email communications without a working and responsive, REPLY TO, address is considered spam abuse or abusive behavior.
  • Replying to communication after receiving a request to cease all communications, is generally considered spam abuse.

Mailing List

  • Any collection of more than one email address where replies to all will result in all email addresses in the collection receiving communication.

Definition of ESP (Email Service Provider)

  • Any service that offers to transmit email communication on behalf of a third party and where each email is tracked and reported on

Deprecated words and other spam related definitions

Definition of UBE (Unsolicited Bulk Email)

  • Mass transmission of unsolicited and substantially the same email message to more than one recipient is generally considered spam abuse
  • Mass transmission of substantially the same email message to more than one recipient from noreply@ and without methods of removal, is generally considered spam abuse

Definition of UCE (Unsolicited Commercial Email)

  • This term was used to try to describe spam as an unsolicited email sent with the purpose of selling or marketing products or services
  • This term is deprecated as the content or body of spam abuse is not relevant compliance

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