The Federal Trade Commission and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) are teaming up to make it easier for consumers to report tax-related identity theft and to receive assistance to help recover. The IRS will now allow consumers to report identity theft to the IRS electronically through the FTCs [ ] website. Tax-related identity… Read More

Electronic toy manufacturer VTech Electronics Limited and its U.S. subsidiary have agreed to settle charges by the Federal Trade Commission [ ] that the company violated a U.S. childrens privacy law by collecting personal information from children without providing direct notice and obtaining their parents consent, and failing to take reasonable steps to secure… Read More

To remove a listing: send the resource number to Trends and Data: 2017 During 2017 saw a huge increase in data users using software such as spamassassin for “scoring” and not for mailserver ‘blocking’ or drop. During 2017 Ascams provided millions of data records free of charge to the planet. It is our… Read More