About Internet Abuse

Internet Abuse is a wide and sensitive subject and includes criminal activities ranging from child pornography to spam. Currently our data does not publish additional information, such as types (example: phishing) or time (example: recurring criminal activity) and users of our data has to rely on one of three public sources: dnsbl.ascams.com block.ascams.com and superblock.ascams.com)

If you are listed on our database you can apply to be removed by sending email to del@www.ascams.com and informing us that you have resolved your abuse issue(s), you can add a human responsive email resource to your public whois information (example abuse-c @RIPE and same at other RIR’s). You can inform us what steps you have taken to ensure that you will no longer abuse children, support and empower human slavery, provide bullet proof hosting facilities to criminals or whatever other abuse or nefarious activities your resources provided or empowered.


Our data is our own and the millions of entries we freely publish has been fed in using machine learning and verified by hand (humans).


Why we do what we do:

We empower small ISP’s to supply email and other services to clients by using our data for free. This supports local and cottage industries. It improves access for small players and builds diversity on the Internet from a supplier perspective.

We strive for complete independence from any specific network, provider or country.


We also feed certain types of data out into other providers. Ascams.com however does not feed any new data in from anywhere except our own sources. We create accounts at various networks and operate identities which are used to enter circles and groups in order to obtain accurate data and information. We also list networks and mail server operators whom are ethically challenged and those that do not respond to valid and recurring abuse complaints (even after receiving multiple evidence of such abuse)


You cannot report any abuse to us. (We source our own data – although we do undertake investigations and tips can be reported here )

You can obtain our data for free (We publish our data in public and at no fee or costs) – As we are under resourced, please use a recursive nameserver (example: or or – or your own caching nameserver) to avoid hammering our servers.

We also feed data into a significant portion of the planetary anti abuse system, you can check your IP reputation here: http://multirbl.valli.org/  and even though you are removed from our published data you may have to check and repair your reputation elsewhere.