If your resource is listed on block.ascams.com it means that your resource has a very high score and it may not be possible to remove it from our lists easily at all.

Possibly your resources were used for relay of automated abuse, noreply@, BULK mailings lists, BULK SPAM (Unsolicited Emails), BULK scams, malware, phish, or other automated types of abuse…. – You, as the resource operator, would have received abuse complaints and you probably either ignored the multiple complaints or disabled/deleted/ignored abuse complaints.

Removal from block.ascams.com is very difficult as the resource is/was a source of regular or automated abuse and now has a very high score.

To apply for removal: Only the current public whois abuse record can apply. The resource operator has to explain why the resource was used for bulk or automated abuse. Also please explain why you do not have an AUP? Or why your use policy was not applied and/or why you did not accept, respond or act on/to abuse complaints. You can send a very detailed request to del@ascams.com – You will not receive any response if your request does not contain the minimum information, is not from the listed abuse contact and/or does not explain the lack of reaction to abuse complaints. If the resource has been deleted and assigned to a new operator, this is not a reason for removal.