Block Lists shares data with and others. also maintains various white and black list RBL and dnsRBL. Some of these data sets are maintained as per RFC6471 and RFC5782 where relevant.

Black (Block RBL)

  • Strict Spam Abuse DNSBL (np)
  • Medium Spam Abuse DNSBL (p)
  • General RBL (np)
  • Scams DNSBL (np)
  • Botnet DNSBL (np)


White (Allow RBL)

  • Child friendly DNSBL (np)
  • IPV6 Mailserver Project (Allow all ipv6 email servers – (p))


The data sets can be used with email servers(Postfix, Sendmail, Exim, Microsoft Exchange and others)

The data sets can be used with proxy servers (Squid and others)

Two of the data sets can be used with decentralized RBL systems (In the web Interface: Select Engage or Marry and from the drop down select ASC01 (strict spam abuse) ASC02 for medium spam abuse) – You can of course also select Divorce to remove either of the RBLs from your neural spam abuse network)