To remove a listing: send the resource number to Trends and Data: 2017 During 2017 saw a huge increase in data users using software such as spamassassin for “scoring” and not for mailserver ‘blocking’ or drop. During 2017 Ascams provided millions of data records free of charge to the planet. It is our… Read More

Internet Abuse is a wide and sensitive subject and includes criminal activities ranging from child pornography to spam. Currently our data does not publish additional information, such as types (example: phishing) or time (example: recurring criminal activity) and users of our data has to rely on one of three public sources: and… Read More

Email Servers The DNS names are:  OR You add the DNSBL by simply using the above domain names. Exim Postfix – file – smtpd_recipient_restrictions = add either OR Sendmail (new versions) in edit to: Kdnsbl dns -R A -T and add to sendmail mc – FEATURE(`dnsbl’,`’)dnl Microsoft Exchange… Read More