A Domain Name System List, also known as a DNSL, is a list of IP numbers that can be queried using the DNS protocol DNS Blacklist or DNS Block Lists (DNSBL, RBL) are usually spam blocking lists that allow an email server administrator and Internet Service Providers (ISP) to block emails from specific IP addresses… Read More

The Why There are various ways that ISP’s choose to defend their users against Spam Abuse, Scams, Phish and Abuse. Many ISP’s open your emails and read the words inside to judge whether you are allowed to receive that email or not, scanning for virus or dangerous content in an email was simply extended to… Read More

Ascams.com shares data with SpamID.net and others. Ascams.com also maintains various white and black list RBL and dnsRBL. Some of these data sets are maintained as per RFC6471 and RFC5782 where relevant. Black (Block RBL) Strict Spam Abuse DNSBL (np) Medium Spam Abuse DNSBL (p) General RBL (np) Scams DNSBL (np) Botnet DNSBL (np)  … Read More