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Dallas FBI Warns of Scams Targeting Senior Ciizens in North Texas

The FBI Dallas Division has received reports of a recent wave of scam attempts targeting senior citizens in North Texas, particularly in the Sherman and Denison areas.

Callers with foreign accents identify themselves as FBI agents and typically tell people they have won a lottery and must pay “taxes” in advance via commercial money transfer companies to receive their winnings. These phone calls are fraudulent, and call recipients should hang up immediately. The FBI has no affiliation to any lotteries and does not call members of the public demanding money.

Additionally, a scam phone call may seem legitimate because spammers can spoof caller ID information. It may appear the call is coming from a legitimate FBI phone number or from Washington, D.C. The FBI strongly encourages anyone contacted by a caller who says they are with the FBI to verify the information with the Bureau. The main telephone number for the FBI in Dallas is 972-559-5000; contact information for other FBI field offices can be found at

Similar scams, callers have claimed to be with the IRS,DEA, or another government agency. As above, be suspicious and verigfy the caller’s information with the appropriate agency. There are many version of this government impersonation scam, but they are all variations of the same tactic. This type of scam has been around for years and targets people across the country.

In some instances, after victims stop sending money, the scammers continue to contact the victims via e-mail purporting to be high-level FBI executives threatening arrest on money laundering charges unless more money is sent.