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DC Fraud Fugitive on Run for decade seen in LA- FBI seeking tips

The FBI’s Washington, D.C. and Los Angeles Field Offices are seeking assistance from the public in learning the whereabouts of a fugitive who is believed to have been living in the Los Angeles area for some time and was last seen on Thursday. The suspect, Craig John Oliver, has remained a fugitive for more than a decade after he was convicted in 2005 for defrauding dozens of homeowners of more than $2.5 million. In 2006, Oliver was sentenced in absentia to 20 years in federal prison after he violated the conditions of his bond and failed to appear out of court.

Oliver was previously featured on the CNBC series American Greed, and on September 19, FBI agents in Washington, D.C. received tips suggesting that Oliver and his wife, Jennifer Oliver, were living and conducting business in the Los Angeles area. Agents in Los Angeles were notified and followed up with the information provided. When agents went to a business location that ha been provided, they were advices that the couple dropped by earlier that day to pick up a check and mentioned they were leaving town. Investigators believe that Oliver was alerted to the publicity and may have fled once again to other locations in California, Nevada, or Georgia.

As a result of investigative developments, agents believe Oliver has been using aliases, including the name “Leigh Owsley” and that his wife is using the alias “Tara Jean.” Oliver and his wife, who has not been charged at this time, are known to work in the field of home renovation, to include work as consultants for windows and doors. Investigations now have reason to believe Oliver was known to do consulting work in the cities of Culver City and Gardena, among others.

Anyone with information as to the whereabouts of Craig John Oliver, aka Leigh Owsley, or Jennifer Oliver, aka Tara Jean, is urged to contact their nearest FBI office.