The Why

There are various ways that ISP’s choose to defend their users against Spam Abuse, Scams, Phish and Abuse.

Many ISP’s open your emails and read the words inside to judge whether you are allowed to receive that email or not, scanning for virus or dangerous content in an email was simply extended to invade the privacy of all people without much fanfare, objection or  even notice.

Instead of punishing the sender for sending spam abuse, phish, virus in fact the present operating philosophy on the Internet is to allow the bad actors to continue sending abuse.

Spam is a great excuse to inspect all incoming and outgoing email content and the majority of email servers automatically read the content of all emails so that a program can decide if you may receive that email or not. The same filters and programs are also used for other purposes.

dnsbl.ascams.com block list blocks email transporters that are:

  1. Not properly maintained by the IP operator, 
  2. Continues sending spam abuse, phish,virus or scams
  3. Not real email servers.


Why is my email blocked?  –  The philosophy of dnsbl.ascams.com is to block the bad senders.

Some ISP’s and ESP’s defend against spam blocks by adding good customers, well known brands and other respected people to the pool of bad senders. These providers always promise to investigate and apply their AUP’s, but their abuse is ongoing and does not stop.

dnsbl.ascams.com simply blocks unreliable ipv4 numbers and if you are reading this because you are blocked you can apply to be de-listed by simply accepting responsibility for your IPv4 number(s), responding to abuse complaints and being ethical.

The What

dnsbl.ascams.com is an ipv4 block list which is hand maintained by Spam Deputies, Shares data with spamID.net, shares data with the DumpSpam.com neural anti-spam network and requires multiple submissions prior to any listing.

There are two main and currently unrecognized types of incoming email: Private Email and Public email

It is important for society to start drawing this distinction as the rules, ethics and operations of these are different. And, how this block list applies rule sets also depend on this nature of the sender.

No ISP is forced to use or apply the dnsbl.ascams.com dnsbl dataset to their email servers. Abuse data kept by this block list also includes the actual abuse and all related network information at the time of abuse.

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