dnsbl.ascams.com is a DROP list. You/Anyone can safely use dnsbl.ascams.com for DROP/BLOCK.

superblock.ascams.com and block.ascams.com are “scoring” lists. (you can make rules to add a number of points to your spam filter, based on a positive listing)

It is quite difficult to be removed from dnsbl.ascams.com if even at all possible. The listed resource is/was:

  • an abusive email server when it was listed and;
  • was responsible for multiple and BULK abuse incidents on multiple different days and even, months and/or years.
  • the resource abuse contact did not stop the abuse even after receiving multiple abuse complaints and listings from multiple different RBL

Removal requests only from ISP/RR member: The whois abuse public displayed contact, with phone numbers, physical address is required to apply for removal, please include your RR (arin/ripe/etc) as well as AS.

The minimum requirement is a written detailed statement explaining where the use policies can be found, why the resource should be removed and the detailed written statement should also contain all relevant information and data as above.

Any removal request not complying with the above will simply be discarded and multiple requests will be considered abuse itself.