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Electronics buyback scam taken offline

It seems like new and better electronics are getting released at a faster pace year after year. People who upgraded and were looking to get some credit for their old devices may have been tempted by some websites that promised to pay top dollar. As a result of a lawsuit filed by the FTC and the State of Georgia, a federal court just stopped one company running several buyback websites because it misled customers.

Laptop & Desktop repair, the company behind websites like,,, and, gave customers online quotes and promise they’d pay the quoted amount after receiving the device. However, as soon as the company got the customer’s device, it changed its tune and offered to pay as little as a measly three percent.

If customers weren’t happy with the counter offer, they had a window of three to five days to reject it. The window, however, included weekends, when the company was closed. The company also wouldn’t respond to customers’ email. If customers called, the company would hang up or place the call on hold for a long time.

What should you do with your old device?

  • Trade it in. Ask the manufacturer or retailer if they’ll take your old device and give you credit toward a new one.
  • Recycle it. Ask the manufacturer or retailer if they recycle old devices. You can also see the EPA’s advice on donating and recycling electronics.
  • Donate it. Contact your local charity and ask if they accept used electronics.

Whatever you decide, make sure you don’t get caught in one of these scams. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.