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Former Baton Rouge Surgery Group Office Manager Sentenced for Wire Fraud

Lorrie Lynn Rogerson, age 57, of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, was sentenced on Thursday, October 20, for defrauding $430,490 from the Pediatric Surgery of Louisiana (“PSL”), a group of Baton Rouge physicians who specialize in surgery on children.  Rogerson was ordered to serve 12 months in prison, 12 months of supervised release following prison, restitution to the victim of $430,490, a fine of $10,000, and asset forfeiture of $394,584.  Rogerson was also ordered to repay $13,505 to the victim to reimburse the costs of investigating her offense.

PSL employed Rogerson to act as their office manager.  Rogerson was responsible for PSL’s payroll, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and human resources.  In her role, Rogerson enjoyed access to the bank accounts of PSL for the purpose of making deposits to, and paying bills from, the PSL bank account.  Rogerson was entrusted with the authority and responsibility to manage PSL’s banking affairs.  Rogerson had access to all accounts and was familiar with PSL’s account information.

In April 2015, a review of PSL financial records discovered that Rogerson had accessed PSL’s bank account to make unauthorized withdrawals and transfers for her personal benefit.  Between May 2008 and May 2015, Rogerson caused unauthorized electronic withdrawals to be made from the PSL bank account for the purpose of paying Rogerson’s credit cards.  Rogerson also issued numerous, unauthorized PSL checks for her benefit, and mischaracterized said checks in the accounting software as business expenses.

Rogerson embezzled funds on approximately 256 occasions during the period of May 2008 and May 2015.  In order to execute the scheme to defraud on January 5, 2015, Rogerson used internet services to divert funds from a PSL bank account for the purpose of paying her personal credit card bills.