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Former Office Manager Sentenced for Wire Fraud

Maria E. Trenam, age 52, of Cumming, Georgia, previously of Warner Robins, Georgia, was sentenced to serve 60 months imprisonment for one count of wire fraud on September 30, 2016.As part of the sentence, Ms. Trenam was also ordered to pay restitution in the amount of $1,178,7363.90 and was ordered to forfeit certain property obtained through the fraud, including a bank account, a house, an automobile, and a diamond ring. Following imprisonment, she will be required to serve a term of supervised release for 3 years.

Ms. Trenam was the office manager of Surgical Associates of Warner Robins, P.C., in Warner Robins, Georgia. Surgical Associates in a health care benefit program providing surgical and other medical services to individuals under public and private plans. As office manager of Surgical Associates, Ms. Trenam had access to the banking and financial records of the business.

Beginning about March 31, 2011, through about August 11, 2015, Ms. Trenam used her position to embezzle money from Surgical Associated totaling $1,178,736.90 . She embezzled money in several ways, including making unauthorized cash withdrawals at automated teller machines of financial institutions utilizing her business credit card, writing unauthorized checks to herself on business accounts and concealing the unauthorized checks by falsifying bookkeeping ledger entries, increasing her salary without authorization, using her business credit card to make unauthorized purchases of goods and services, using her business credit card for unauthorized travel and entertainment, and using her business credit card to make unauthorized purchases of goods and services on the internet.

Concerning Count One of the indictment, Ms. Trenam used her Surgical Associated business credit card to make personal and unauthorized purchases of goods in the amount of $2,289.79 by computer on the internet from the Jo-Ann Fabric and Crafts Store in Ohio.