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Former State Assemblyman Guilty for Money Laundering

Thomas M. Calderon, a former member of the California State Assembly who became a political consultant, was sentenced Monday afternoon to one year and one day of incarceration after he pleaded guilty to money laundering for allowing bribe money to be funneled through his firm.

Tom Calderon was sentenced was sentenced Monday by United States District Judge Christina A. Snyder, who ordered that the sentence be served half in federal prison and half in home detention. In addition to the period of incarceration, Judge Snyder ordered Tom Calderon to serve 100 hours of community service.

Tom Calderon, 62, of Montebello, pleaded guilty on June 6 to one count of money laundering and admitted that he agreed to conceal bribe payments coming from two undercover FBI agents by having the money go through his political consulting company, the Calderon Group.

The bribes were made to Tom Calderon’s brother, Ronald S. Calderon, who at the time was California State Senator. Ron Calderon pleaded guilty on June 21 and admitted accepting bribes from the undercover agents and a business in exchange for performing official acts as a legislator. Ron Calderon, 59, also of Montebello, is scheduled to be sentenced by Judge Snyder next Monday, although he has asked to continue his sentencing date.

When he pleaded guilty, Tom Calderon specifically admitted that in 2013 he deposited a $30,000 bribe payment from an undercover agent into the Calderon Group’s bank account and then wrote a $9,000 check to Ron Calderon’s daughter.

Tom Calderon and his brother were both indicted by a federal grand jury in 2014. Tom Calderon was charged with conspiring with his brother to commit money laundering and seven substantive counts of money laundering . The money laundering charge that Tin Calderon pleaded guilty to was count 22 in the indictment.