You are currently viewing FTC’s Debt Collection Hall of Shame adds new inductees

FTC’s Debt Collection Hall of Shame adds new inductees

Halls of fame are usually created for exceptionally talented sport legends, musicians and actors. At the other end of the spectrum are banned debt collector. In the FTC’s hall of shame, they too, get special recognition.

One year ago, individuals and companies whose behavior was so egregious that courts have banned them from participating in the debt collection business, the FTC first issued a list these banned debt collectors. In February 2015, the FTC’s Hall of Shame contained only 36 inductees, at this moment there are more than 100.

During Operation Collection Protection, several recent inductees were recognized for their dishonorable deeds. The first coordinated federal-state enforcement initiative targeting deceptive and abusive debt collection practices. These inductees are:

  • Broadway Global Master, Inc.
  • K.I.P,
  • LLC (Payday Loan Recovery Group)
  • National check Registry
  • Premier Debt Acquisitions, LLC

This is the update list on the FTC Debt Collection Hall of Shame:

American Mutual Holdings, Inc. Harris County Check Recovery Inc. Reliable Resolution, LLC
American Credit Crunchers, LLC Heather True Samuel Sole and Associates, LLC,

also d/b/a SSA Group LLC

and Imperial Processing Solutions

Andre Keith Sanders Heritage Capital Services, LLC Sanders Law, P.A.
Angela J. Triplett Heritage Management Services, LLC Sanders Legal Group, P.A.
Asset & Capital Management Group Hope V. Wilson SJ Capitol, LLC
Barry Sussman In-Arabia Solutions, Inc. Solution Processing, LLC
Brett Fisher Interchex Systems, LLC Specialized Recovery, Inc.,

also d/b/a Joseph, Steven & Associates;

and Specialized Debt Recovery, Inc.

Broadway Global Master, Inc. d/b/a BGM Jacob E. Kirbis Starlette Foster
Buffalo Staffing, Inc. James S. Hynes Sumore, LLC
Capitol Exchange, LLC James Novella Susana Sumbre
Carolina Orellana Jaredco, Inc. Thai Han
Chantelle Dickey Jason R. Begley The G. Wright Group Inc.,

also d/b/a The Wright Group

Charles Dickey Javier Sumbre Tobias Boyland
Charles Glander Jennifer Zamora Varang K. Thaker
Charles Hutchins Jessica Anzola Velocity Payment Solutions, LLC
Check Enforcement, Inc. Jim Tran Phelps Wayne W. Lunsford
Check Investors, Inc. John Williams Western Capital Group, Inc.
Check Systems, LLC Joseph C. Bella, III Williams, Scott & Associates, LLC
Chris Lenyszyn Keith Hua Windfall Management Systems, LLC
Commercial Receivables Acquisition, Inc.,

also d/b/a Commercial Recovery Authority, Inc.;

and The Forwarding Company

Kevin Medley WSA, LLC

also d/b/a Warrant Services Association

Credit MP, LLC Kirit Patel
Credit Source Plus, LLC (a Georgia company) K.I.P., LLC
Credit Source Plus, LLC (an Ohio company) Lisa J. Jeter
Crown Funding Company, LLC Lorena Quiroz-Hynes a/k/a Lorena Quiroz and Lorena Hynes
Damian Biondi Luis A. Shaw
David Cohen Morgan Jackson, LLC
David M. Hynes, II a/k/a David M. Hynes, Jr. Mullins & Kane, LLC
Debtcom, Inc., also d/b/a Cole, Tanner, & Wright National Check Registry, LLC
DeMarra J. Massey National Processors Group, LLC
Diane L. Bella Nationwide Payment Processors, LLC
Dorian Wills Nichole C. Anderson
Ebeeze, LLC One FC, LLC
eCapital Services, LLC Performance Payment Processing, LLC
Forensic Case Management Services, Inc.,

also d/b/a Commercial Investigations, Inc.;

Commercial Recovery Solutions, Inc.;

and Rumson, Bolling and Associates

Pinnacle Payment Services, LLC
Frank E. Lindstrom, Jr. Pioneer Capital Services, LLC
Freestar World, LLC Platium Express, LLC
Gerald Wright Premier Debt Acquisitions LLC,

also d/b/a PDA Group LLC

Global Acceptance, LLC Premium Express Processing, LLC (a Georgia company)
Goldberg Maxwell, LLC Premium Express Processing, LLC (an Ohio company)
Goldman Schwartz Inc.,

also d/b/a Goldman Schwartz, Lieberman & Stein

Prizm Debt Solutions LLC,

also d/b/a PDS, LLC

Green Fidelity Allegiance, Inc. Rapid Resolution, LLC