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Man Defrauded The Greenbrier through cancer scheme

A Virginia man was sentenced Wednesday to a year and two months in federal prison for defrauding The Greenbrier. Carmelo “Carmine” Carrozza, 57, of Charlottesville, previously pleaded guilty to wire fraud. Carrozza was also ordered to pay $48,355.73 in restitution to The Greenbrier.

In the spring of 2013, Carrozza began working at the resort as the Director of Fine Dining. In June 2013, he told senior management that he had cancer. However, Carrozza did not have cancer. Carrozza then left the resort, purportedly to receive cancer treatment, and kept collecting his salary. He continued to receive a salary during his purported cancer diagnosis and treatments from June through mid-December 2013. During this period, Carrozza falsely informed employees of the resort about his supposed cancer prognosis and treatments.

Instead of spending time getting cancer treatment, Carrozza obtained a position with the University of Virginia Darden School Foundation beginning in August 2013