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National Consumer Protection Week kicks off

Sunday marked the start of the eighteenth annual National Consumer Protection Week (NCPW). It is a time to learn and share information to help people make more informed buying decisions and recognize, guard against, and report scams and fraud.

There are more than 100 agencies and organizations involved in NCPW that are on the front lines of consumer protection every day, and are committed to giving you the resources to navigate today’s market.

For many years, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has worked with these partners to shut down scams, give consumers a better way to report and recover from identity theft, and expose and stop misleading business practices. NCPW 2016 is a time to honor those victories, as well as the many more than still needs to be won in consumer protection.

This is only one time of the year to focus on becoming a more informed and empowered consumer. You can also help inform your community about consumer protection any time of year by getting the word out about the NCPW. Get ideas for events, social media and other activities to keep the people around you informed. You can also report scams and dishonest business practices you see, know of or experience.

When you work together, you can make the NCPW and every week a time to empower consumers.