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No such thing as federal student tax

Imposters posing as IRS agents are trying to trick college students into paying a tax that does NOT exist, known as a “federal student tax.”

Students from many colleges told the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) that the calls is about a so-called IRS agent that tells you that you owe a “federal student tax,” and often some piece of information make the call seem legit. Sometimes they have the name of your school or other information about you. The caller then demands that you pay money immediately, by using MoneyGram or another untraceable methods. If you don’t act quickly enough, the caller might threaten to report you to the police. f you hang up during the conversation, they might make follow-up called will spoofed caller-ID information. While the caller ID might say it’s the U.S. Government calling or 911, it’s actually all fake.

If you get one of these calls, how do you respond? The first thing to know is that no one from the IRS will ever ask you to wire money, or pay by sending iTunes gift cards or reloadable prepaid cards. That is a scam, every single time. In fact, the IRS will never contact you by phone first. If you find yourself receiving such a call, just hang up. Never wire money or give personal or financial information to one of these callers. Report the call to the FTC immediately.