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Non-Profit Head Sentenced for Fraud Scheme

A local minister and head of several non-profit organizations has been ordered to federal prison for fraud in connection with a natural disaster. Jesse Dunn, 58, of Houston, Texas, pled guily on March 17, 2016.

On Monday, November 14, Dunn was handed a 66-month sentence. He was further ordered to pay $1,305,800 in restitution to the Small Business Administration (SBA). Dunn will also be required to serve a term of five years of supervised release following the completion of his prison term.

From about September 2008 to about December 2010, Dunn falsified numerous documents to the SBA in order to receive disaster relief funds. Hurricane Ike made landfall on Sept. 13, 2008. Shortly thereafter, Dunn applied for an SBA loan on two of his properties for disaster relief funds for his non-profit organization the Aldine Community Care Center. The disbursed a total of $1,300,800 to him in order to fix his properties. Several of those disbursements were based on fictitious documents and/or invoices that he had submitted. A great deal of the money was used for his own personal use, such as numerous gambling trips. To this day, the SBA is still owed the outstanding amount from Dunn.