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Ongoing Tech Support Scam Case Gets Defendants

Amended complaint adds India-based defendants, telemarketing sales rule charges.

The Federal Trade Commission has added three new defendants to an ongoing case against a tech support scam. The scheme allegedly scammed consumers out of tens of millions of dollars by pretending to represent Microsoft, Apple, and other major tech companies.

The new defendants in the case, Innovazion Research Private Limited, Abhishek Gagneja, and Rishi Gagneja, are alleged to have been part of the massive operation, playing an integral role on the enterprise that scammed tens of thousands of consumers with telemarketing calls and false computer popups and online ads.

In addition, the amended complaint includes new charges under the Telemarketing Sales Rule against different subsets of the defendants in the case. Specifically, the complain now alleges that certain defendants engaged in credit card laundering, and certain defendants help process credit card payments, handled chargebacks, opened bank accounts, and conducted other activities on behalf of the other defendants in this case, though they knew those defendants were engaged in illegal telemarketing practices.

The Commission’s co-plaintiffs in this case are the State of Connecticut and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

The Commission vote to file the amended complaint was 4-0. The amended complaint was filed in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.