Online banking fraud is a worldwide problem that has been rising steeply as hackers find new and clever ways to con us out of our hard-earned money. In order to protect ourself, there are more things to think about than simply changing password. Protect yourself against online banking fraud: Never login to your bank website… Read More

Scammers have been using a tech support scam for years, selling fake security software. They set up fake websites, offer free “security” scans, and send alarming messages to try to convince you that your computer is infected with a virus or that you might have software issues. Then, they try to sell you something to… Read More

Internet fraud has been an increasing concern for civilians and law-enforcement agencies, ever since the launch of the Internet. Tracking hackers is difficult and catching Internet frauds is even more challenging, the best protection is to avoid fraud attempts. The first part of sidestepping identity theft, viruses and other intrusions is being able to identify… Read More