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Recover a stolen Facebook account

It looks like your Facebook account has been stolen and you simply can’t get in. The criminal may be impersonating you, using your account to hack others or posting spam.

How did they hack my account?

There are any number of ways hackers may have hacked your Facebook account. They could have simply guessed your password. Set up a Evil Twin Wi-Fi Hotspot in a public building which offers free Wi-Fi. Maybe you left your account logged in at work or they could’ve accessed it from a stolen device.

Regardless of how they managed to seize control of your Facebook account, you need to limit the damage and take it back

Steps for a stolen Facebook account:

  1. Go to the Facebook Account Compromise Reporting page:
  2. Click the “My Account is Compromised” button.
  3. On the “Identify Your Account” page.
  4. Enter either your email address, phone number, Facebook user name, or your name and the name of one of your friends.
  5. Follow the instructions provided to report your account.
  6. Once your account has been reinstated and is back under your control, reset your Facebook password from the “Account Settings” page by clicking the “Change” link under the “My Account” Password Section.
  7. From the Facebook Privacy Settings page, click on “Apps and Websites”.
  8. Under the “Apps You Use” section, click “Edit Settings”.
  9. Then click on the “X” to delete any suspicious / malicious apps that may have been used to compromise your account.
  10. Alert your friends that your account was hacked and warn them not to click on any links that the hackers may have posted on their walls, in chat sessions, or in Facebook emails that they received.

If you wish to prevent this from happening in the future, consider enabling features such as Facebook Login Approvals and any other Facebook authentication approval process that relies on multiple authentication factors.