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Recover a stolen Pinterest account

When your Pinterest accounts is showing signs of suspicious login attempts or even a  password change, it is possible that someone stole your your account.

Step-by-step for retrieving a stolen Pinterest account

  1. Head over to the Pinterest website.
  2. Go to Help Center.
  3. Click on Your Account.
  4. Select account security.
  5. Then hacked accounts.
  6. Select “You got an email about a change you didn’t make”.
  7. Open the email you received from Pinterest.
  8. Click on “Lock my account”
  9. Go back to the Help Center page you were on.
  10. Select reset password.
  11. Follow the onscreen instructions.

Note: Create a strong password in order to prevent anyone from easily gaining access to your account.

How to keep your account secure:

  • Report the pin: Spot a spam pin? Report it to Pinterest by clicking the flag icon at the bottom of the image.
  • Change your password: If you suspect someone hacked your account or you used a malicious app, be sure to reset your password. Do this by clicking your name at the top of Pinterest. Then, click Settings. Follow the prompts to create a new, complex, password.
  • Log out of your account: Don’t stay logged into Pinterest when you aren’t using it.
  • Watch the URL where you log in: Only log in on and the official mobile app. Avoid look alike sites that use a domain name like “” These are not affiliated with Pinterest.
  • Take caution when linking to other social media: If a scammer gets into your account, they can share pins on your Facebook and Twitter feeds as well.
  • Check before you pin: Before you pin anything, take a second to hover on the image and check that destination link corresponds with the info on the pin. Scammers have been replacing the links in popular pins with links to websites housing malware.