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Recover a stolen Tumblr account

When you notice any strange behavior on your Tumblr account, it may be possible that someone has compromised it. There are a few steps you can take to recover your stolen Tumblr account. The following guide will help you with the right steps to take your account back and secure it from future theft.

Steps to recover your stolen Tumblr account:

  1. Login to Tumbler if you can. Otherwise, you need to reset your password. If you cannot, then you need to contact Tumblr Support.
  2. Upon logon, click Account from the Dashboard, then click Settings. Verify that your email address has not been changes. Even if your email is intact. you need to be able to login to it. Tublr sends password resets via email.
  3. Now change your Tumblr password by clicking on the pencil icon. Make sure it a strong password (watch the password strength bar).
  4. Under “Active Sessions,” click to remove additional active session.
  5. If you see spam posts on your blog, you need to consider any apps that you recently authorized that could be posting to your blog. Click Apps and remove any suspects apps. next, if you have logged into Tumblr on any mobile device, remove the app connection for Tumblr for iOS or Tumblr for Android. Changing your password may not log you out all mobile devices from Tumblr. Revoking the Tumblr App connection will.
  6. Now, from the right column of Settings, click your blog. Scroll to “Post by email” and click the “Reset address” button. This changes the email address that can automatically post to your blog.
  7. Check your blog’s queue to delete any unauthorized, upcoming posts.
  8. Go to Edit Theme. Check the blog’s Description and delete any odd code you don’t recognize.
  9. Reinstall your theme in case any malicious code was added. If you’ve never modified your theme’s HTML and it now says “Custom theme” instead of the theme’s name, that’s suspect. Recover your theme.
  10. Delete any posts made during the time your account has been taken from you. If there are many posts, use the mass post editor to delete multiple posts at once.
  11. Report the theft using the Tumblr Support form. Select “Suspicious activity on my account” as the category.
  12. Finally, change the password and any security question responses for the email account used by your Tumblr account.