IP numbers are arguably public resources. These public resources are “assigned” by RIR to individuals and corporations. These assignees may use assigned resources for their own (benefit and theoretical)  exclusive use on the public network.

Of late, ipv4 resources have become more scarce and individuals and corporations have reportedly started “selling” these assigned public resources.

Blacklists: IP resources have reputations and whether they are in use by individual X or Corporation Y makes no difference.If you have just been assigned these resources or you have just received an IP number from an “ISP” – it matters not. All that matters is the total and historic reputation of the resource, the resource ranges, and the assignee. If IP resources have cause abuse and general mayhem and criminality on the public network some of these resources will be very expensive and cost a lot of time and effort to “clean” as these resources may be tainted. (They may also be simultaneously listed on hundreds of independent ‘blacklists’). Some IPV4 assignees do not ethically manage abuse complaints. Some are constantly and recurringly abusing others on the public network, others constantly mix abuse, spam, scams with real commercial emails. Then there are also large multinational corporations that cut down spending on abuse management to balance their estimation of what they wrongly believe their deliverability will carry. Either way: The listing of each public resource on our public blacklists are there for a reason, our many millions of listings simply contain zero errors.

Blacklist Pro Tip: Careful when you request removal from any blacklist as this will trigger an investigation into your IP resource. If your IP resource has many other RBL listings your resource score may be adjusted upwards. This could result in additional listings instead of resulting in removal.

With the advent of resource scoring, (where an ipv4 resource relaying email and carrying web and other traffic, has a calculated “score”) Internet abuse has been much reduced and cheaply managed.

Whitelists: If your IP resources are listed on Ascams.com ipv6 or ipv4 WHITELISTS and:

you request removal, such whitelist removal is performed within 24 hours.

you request addition, such addition may be possible if you follow the suggested guidelines for whitelist addition from the member system