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Sesser Man for Bankruptcy Fraud

on Tuesday, November 22, Scott L. Thompson, 45, of Sesser, IL, was sentenced in federal court in Benton, Illinois, on his bankruptcy fraud conviction. The court sentenced Thompson to one year of probation and ordered him to pay a fine and special assessment totaling $800. Thompson was indicted on February 2, 2016, as part of an effort to crackdown on those who commit fraud during the course of bankruptcy proceedings in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Illinois.

The indictment charged Thompson with concealing assets in a bankruptcy case. When he pled guilty on June 15, 2016, Thompson admitted that he concealed from the Bankruptcy Court a $28,129 settlement he received for a worker’s compensation claim. Thompson also admitted that he concealed from the Bankruptcy Court his federal tax returns and failed to disclose those tax returns, as the Bankruptcy Court had ordered. Thompson’s chapter 13 bankruptcy case was filed and litigated in the United States Bankruptcy Court in Benton, Illinois.

The U.S. Trustee Program is the component of the Justice Department that protects the integrity of the bankruptcy system by overseeing case administration and litigating to enforce the bankruptcy laws.