Click “Message” then “View Source” Highlight the message source as normal with the mouse Copy using Control+C Paste into a new message or email… Read More

Open Forte Agent and Sign In. Inside the Inbox right-click on the email message. A context menu will appear and select Show All Header Fields. The message window will now display the email with the full headers. Using the mouse, click and highlight the header text, then copy it to the clipboard by right-clicking and… Read More

Open up Xirmian Evolution and Sign In. Go on the “View” menu, Select “Message Display” and Click on “Show Full Headers.” Copy the headers. You can now paste the headers into a text document or email.… Read More

Open up Lotus Notes Open the email you wish to look at. Click on View. Click on Show and Page Source. This will show the entire contents of the message, with of course, the headers at the top of the message.… Read More

Open up Lotus Notes Single click on the subject line without opening the document to full screen. Select “file” (upper left) then select “export” Name the file Select “export” Click on “selected documents” Select “OK” then copy/paste the entire message. The file is now available where you have saved it. You can either open it… Read More

Go to the default installation of the Notes Client. Click on the first smart icon on the left, or you can also right-click on the document and choose properties from that menu. Open the properties box on the message. Choose the second tab on the properties box, which is a list of fields and their… Read More

Preferred method: Click on the “View” menu, Go to “Page Source,” (ctrl-U in windows, meta-U in unix, ?-U on the Mac) Then copy the contents of the window (Ctrl-A, Ctrl-C windows). Paste the contents into a new email or text document. Old versions: Click on the “View” menu, then “Headers,” then “All.” Note: This method… Read More

Log in to your AOL account. Right-click on the message containing the headers you want to see. Select View Message Source. The full headers display in a new window. You can then copy the headers from there.… Read More

Open Novell Groupwise Open the message you wish to look at. In the message window select: File > Attatchments > View Select the Mime.822 attachment  … Read More

Microsoft Internet Explorer has a workaround if you wish to find and report spam. It is a long process but when you are using IE, this is the only method you can use. Click on File and select properties. Click on the “Details” tab. This will show the full header. Now right click and choose… Read More