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State Senator Indicted for Misuse of Campaign Funds

A grand jury returned a federal indictment on Tuesday, charging North Carolina State Senator Fletcher Lee Hartsell, Jr. with multiple counts related to fraudulent campaign fundraising and reporting and associated money laundering.

Hartsell, 69, of Concord, N.C., is charged with five counts of mail fraud, three counts of wire fraud, and six counts of money laundering. According to allegations in the Indictment, from 2007 through 2015, Hartsell engaged in a scheme to defraud and obtain money through materially false pretenses by soliciting funds for the Hartsell State Senator Committee through mailings and interstate wires, using those funds for personal goods and services not authorized under the relevant state campaign finance laws, and then concealing such conduct through false campaign filings mailed via the United States Postal Service to the North Carolina Board of Elections. The Indictment further alleges that Hartsell Laundered Hartsell State Senator Committee funds through his law firm, Hartsell & Williams, P.A., as well as a corporation he owned with his wife, Equity Properties of Concord, LLC, to disguise the fact that campaign funds were being used for personal enrichment rather than for lawful purposes. The Indictment further alleges that, as a result of this scheme to defraud, Hartsell spent approximately $210,000 of monies properly belonging to the Hartsell State Senator Committee on personal goods and services for his own enrichment.