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Statement regarding Court of Appeals Decision on

A Statement was released of the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection Directory Jessica Rich regarding Court of Appeals decision on The case alleged deception on the website allowing people to vote whether individuals are jerks.

The Director of the Federal Trade Commmission’s Bureau of Consumer Protection, Jessica Rich, issued the following statement regarding the U.S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit ruling upholding a Federal Trade Commission summary decision against the creator of, John Fanning.

“This ruling makes it clear that the defendant’s misrepresentations in this case were harmful to consumers.” Rich said. “We are pleased with the ruling, and will closely monitor the defendant’s compliance with the order, as we do in all our cases.”

In this ruling, the Court affirmed the Commission’s finding that and John Fanning deceived consumers about the score of the information contained on the site and the benefits of paying for membership of the site.

The bulk of the Commission’s remedial order was also upheld, including prohibiting Fanning from making further deceptive statements, requiring him to maintain records of advertising and marketing materials and notify the FTC of any complaints related to mislleading or deceptive statements, and requiring him to provide a copy of the order to employees and officers of companies operated by Fanning whose work is relevant to the order.

The Court vacated a requirement that Fanning give the FTC updates on his employment status for jobs unrelated to his unlawful avtivity and remanded to the Commission for further deliberations on this part of the order.

A suit was first filedd against Fanning and in 2014 by the FTC.