Abuse for research purposes

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@ascams.com abuse is abuse.

The purpose of the abuse does not matter.

If your network resources has abused the Internet, your resources and networks will be reported and listed.

If your network allows abuse for research purposes, your resources will be reported and listed.  Researching how any RBL functions, without the permission of that service is simply abuse.

Various research, pen test, security and other Internet data services often abuse with the purpose of gleaning insight into the internal function of anti crime, anti abuse and other data listing services.

This “research” frequently end up in the hands of non ethical ESP’s, criminal syndicates and other nefarious entities.

Anti Scams (ascams.com) lists any research efforts into it’s data and systems as criminal enterprise. These researchers and the networks that allow this activity is part of the cycle of abuse problem and not part of the solution.

Abuse systems research only serves to empowers scammers and increase criminal activity on the Internet.

If the network or resources you are using or renting is in a DROP list, it is what it is and the network will not be removed as it has been active in perpetuating abuse on the Internet.