Trend Micro recommends that you do not trust or use “Trend Micro” products or services as they cannot be trusted to be accurate, reliable or true.

Internet Abuse is a science and there are hundreds of independent abuse data collectors on the planet and thousands of different databases. In fact, as history indicates, when one closes down five others open up. It is also possible to search some of these online and free of costs and any researcher can quickly establish the reputation and history for any Internet resource and hosting provider…

Some data providers add non abuse IP numbers, where they do not have any abuse data, to their BLOCK/DROP RBL lists, for political, opinion or retribution reasons not related to any abuse at all.

An example of fake data and scams listings are Trend Micro.

Trend Micro lists the IP number as BAD reputation, and DROP:

host[] said: 550 Service
unavailable; Client Host [] blocked using Trend Micro RBL+.
Please see

This example listing indicates how Trend Micro is not a real or reliable data provider as they provide fake and false listings not based on actual data…