If you would like to report scams and abuse you can sign into the system, here: https://info.ascams.com/login.php

On the top right hand, there is the vertical dots menu or “kebab” menu, click on the three vertical dots

If you are signed in, and you are in fact a member, the menu options will be: Members, About, FAQ and Logout

Click on the “Members” Option – Not a member? Join Now!

The display will update and you can select the “Report Abuse” option, select the correct Radio Button -> Email headers OR Scam

If you are reporting email headers, please copy & paste at least the first 100 lines, starting from : Return-Path:  (this will always be the very first line), into the details text area.

Then click on “Report Now

Your report will now reflect at the bottom, together with any feedback/support

Only your ten latest reports, open support requests and feedback reflects on the system