Top Five Ukraine and Russia related Scams

SPAM Requesting email account holders to “donate” their user account name and passwords to the cause of “fighting Russia” or “joining the war”

People, who were informed that Russian censors are clamping down on freedom of speech,  become emotionally enraged by images of dead civilians, dead pregnant mothers and dead small children in Ukraine and then send unsolicited emails to other people requesting them to “donate” their user account name and passwords to the cause of “fighting Russia” or “joining the war”  by sending spam to Russian citizens.

Some of these requests may be from real people whom are apparently attempting to join the conflict but may also be criminal syndicates using the same attack vector to gain access to IMAP email accounts and all user data. Interestingly the criminal syndicates may also actually abuse the account details to send long and engaging spam emails to Russian citizens and then request the “donor” to keep their access open to the email credentials in order to ‘engage’ any responses.

Please do not provide your email account passwords to anyone. The sending of bulk unsolicited emails is abuse and will only serve to ensure the breakdown of communication between countries, families and people.


MALWARE with attachments claiming to be “important news that must get out” of either Ukraine or Russia

ADVICE : Please do not open any attachment or click on any link in an email where you are not sure of what it actually is. If you are uncertain forward the email to your IT consultant and get expert advice before taking any action.


SPAM Requests for donations to a hospital or orphanage in Ukraine, specifically with a bitcoin wallet address

ADVICE: If you wish to donate money to aid children in conflict zones, please visit: please do not give your hard earned money to unknown third parties where you are not sure that the money will actually reach the intended recipients.


SPAM requests for the “adoption” of stranded children and then later for financial support for the parents whom are fighting

ADVICE: If you receive any unsolicited requests for help or assistance to individual people whom you do not know, this is probably a scam. Report the spam to your ISP for investigation or ask your IT consultant for advice. Variations on this scam may also involve or require the use of the victim bank account to ‘facilitate’ fund payments where this is actually the facilitation of additional or other crimes.


SPAM requests allegedly from a Russian citizen or company wanting to “work together” in order to “release” Russian resources restricted due to “sanctions”

This specific scam is a variation on the Nigerian 419 scam (violation of section 419 of the Nigerian criminal code). It sucks the intended victim into an elaborate scam designed to play to the greed of the victim and to “make easy money” apparently by the facilitation of trade. usually there will be a small initial amount required, for a “bribe” or similar reason and then another amount required either for transport, or taxes or many other “reasons”.


Our International scam identities, scam and spam traps and salted stolen data are seeing many new ways in which criminals are exploiting ongoing conflict in all parts of the world. current policy as it regards all abuse related to conflict anywhere remains the same as before:  It does not matter if you are fighting, invading, defending, making war, engaging in “special operations” or acting on your beliefs, religion or engaging in any moral or immoral action, abuse remains abuse. It does not matter your geographic location whether in Africa, Euro,  the Americas or anywhere on the planet: If you are abusing the Internet in any way we will list your IP numbers. It is abuse to relay any unsolicited email, whether to beg for money, or to distribute information, distribute malware or any other form of unsolicited bulk email whatsoever.

The sending or transmission of any unsolicited bulk emails by any resource owner (whom is not acting on abuse complaints) will be listed and may be added to drop lists. At we do not judge right or wrong, we simply use actual hard data and provide accurate listings.